Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Bike "Esmeralda"

 My baby got a new heart, S&S Early Shovel. Put the two best things S&S ever made Twin Throat aka The flamethrower and the early shovel engine. 
 I got Andrews godies in the transmission, No taiwan Ted Shit parts here. When you put shit fron taiwan in you bike shit happens. I will show you what happens.   
 1 3/4 inch open belt foot clutch and hand shifter.  
 Got a old MB oil cooler dont know anything about it, if you have any info please send me a mail on it: thanks.
 Have some moore to come here stay tuned.
Made a new bar for my bike, because needed to change the riding possition when i changed the seat.
More to come. I willl post as I promised how I make pipes when 
i build new ones for Esmeralda. 

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