Monday, January 31, 2011


Then the last tube. I dont use a pipebender I only use an accetylen oxygen torch for bending the pipes for this work. After this start welding. Remeber when fiting the tubes on the frame dont use any force to keep then in place or you will fu*k up the frame when you take it out of the frame jig.
Then center and level the second cast part to the first one. Then fit in the second back down tube. Then the top tubes just tac the tubes no coplete welding yet.

Started on the right down tube because it is in line with the rest of the frame tubes.

Closeup of the weld and how the cast part is cleaned befor the backtubes are welded in place.

The neck is centered in the jig and on the frame, and ready for welding.

Frame work

I needed to cut the toptube weld quite much before I got it out from the cast part.
Here you can see how i cut the frame. Now the cast parts just needs to be cleand of rust and made ready for welding.

Not very much left of the frame.............

Here is a frame I fixed on the weekend for my friend. I got it centerd in my frame jig and the neck was a bit off........ needs to be cut and repaired.
This was the first problen of the frame. The rear tyre was not in center of the frame and the rearaxel was not leveld.


The tank upside down. I fabed the plate between the oil and gastank, behind it will be space for the electrical stuff. I will show how I made the tank so follow closely, more to come.
Close view of the inside plate, here is still a lot of work to come.

The inside of the tank. I dont have any metalforming machinery at my shop I just use pipes, my knee or what i find to shape the metall. Here you can see how the tank is made, I used the front of an new taiwan ted sportster tank the cheapest I could find at the local dealer. The round sides are made of bent tube and the straight sides and top are made of 1,5mm sheet metall.

The ouside shell of the tank ready for "inside" work. The length of the tank is 107cm its a big baastaard.....

Frankies Bike

I got the tank shell ready, almost fitted on the bike but there is going to be some small mods to it. The battery and all other electrical components will be inside the tank also the oilbag.
The fuel line is fitted inside the engine mount, sneeky.

The fender struts are soon ready just some welding to do.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I will fire this engine up before I tear the bike down for paint. I still have a lot to do befor that, fotcontrols, brakecaliper brakets, oillines, fix the oiltank and so on.........

FBF Frame

Got it almost ready today, just some smal part that I will finnish at my friends place.
Front engine mount and other parts, the rear suspension brakets on the frame are not ready.
Mayby a bit owekill?

Came out quite nice.

Friday, January 21, 2011

American sport bike XLH -71

Test drive next week.



FBF Frame

I didnt finnish the frame today, but made god progress anyway. still have a lot to do on it. I hate to grind my welds or do any thing to them after welding, what you see is what you get.
There is still a lot to do on the swingarm, reinforcments and a lot of welding and detail work.

Made a new front engine mount, the first one lookt like shit.

Will post more on the frame when I get it ready. I will make it a roller and take some more detaild pics of the frame before I send it away.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

FBF Frame

Made some progress on the frame, made the swingarm pivot and bearinghouse, bended the tubes for the swingarm, new front engine mount and some other bits and parts and a lot of welding.............. hope to finnish the frame on friday.

From the other side, dont look so close on the swingarm its not finnished yet.

Monday, January 17, 2011

American sport bike XLH -71

Nice that these bikes still live on the streets, have been working on this one fore some time now.
Trying to keep it as original and old looking as possible, swapmeet parts and fixing the original parts for the bike. I dont want to chop this looker up. But you never know...........

FBF Frame

Here are some more pics of the frame. And you can se my frame jig in work.
I havent made the swingarm yet but im working on it I will post pics when I get it ready.

This is going to be a small frame wery light my friend that wants this frame is going to run it on the street and on classic show runs, this bike does not qualify in any class of classic racing..... but you can give it hell on the streets.

Friday, January 14, 2011

FBF Frame

This is a frame I am building it is a type of featherbed frame made to fit a shovelhead engine and rotary top transmission with the original closed chain primary, here is some closeups of the engine and transmission mounts on the frame.
Here you can se the frame and a litle bit off my frame jig.

More of the frame and the frame jig I will post some more pics as soon as I get more done on the frame.

Possu the bike

Ok, have been making some progress with this bike got the engine in and the tranny in place,
I need to make new pipes for the bike because the set I made earlier do not fit this engine*t
I am also building a open chain drive primary out of old parts I have laying in the shop. I also have to fix the oilbag because the chain will hit*t again
Making some parts for the transmission to keep it in place, modifying the support to be locked in the frame so the transmission is not going to move under hard acceleration.

-FL 57

My friend made a seat for the bike, check out his work at