Thursday, March 31, 2011

Powder coating

Quite nice for powder coating.

Metal work

Made the seat and handlebars, the seat is an old tractor seat that I beat into a new shape. The handlebars are made to fit the bikes owner. Welded the pipes, the bikes owner will finish then,

Thins you find inside an imported frame.

Some fu*king pokakrääk that came tumbling down the frame toptube.

FL -57

Here is the FL starting to look like a bike again.
Looks lika a fat smurff........

The smurff from behind.

Frame Work

Here is another frame that I hardtailed and changed the frame to fit an EMO or a big shovel strocker.
Here I just changed the frame to a EMO engine.
Here is a Shovel frame in the jig for mods. The frame needs to be changed to fit an EMO engine in it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Shop

Much snow this year.......

WLA Frame fix

This is after welding.
Made a new seathindge for this bike.
Ready with the welding.
The other side of the neck after welding.

WLA Frame fix

Got his frame for repairs. The neck was badly cracked.
Much work on this frame,
and more work, ok this is an old frame so much history on it and bad welding....
Crack in the neck.
From the other side of the neck.

Frankies Shovel

Backfender for the bike
Moby Dick the gas tank......
The seat and battery/electric box
The frame ready for paint, I will get the bike back from paint in about 6-8 weeks.I will post more pics of the bike when I get it back from paint and start the final assembly

Frankies Shovel

The metall work on this bike is ready and it is going out for paint, here are the bars for the bike and some pics of making them.
Fitting them on the bike and measuring them for the owner of the bike so that he can ride it with comfort....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pop up

My friend Jeppe made this popup gascap.
In action.
One more to come for the oiltank.

Frankies bike

I had to make some modifications to the tank to fit all oillines, I bent a tube cut it in half and welded it on the tank cut the bottom out and wola I have room for ewerything!
Here is the hatch what you can open for installing the oil and fuel lines for the engine. I wanted the battery to fit here also but no cigars on that one fu*k.........
Starting on the seatpan. I think i will install the battery here.I have some industrial realy small batterys for this application have been trying them out on other projekts and they workt wery well on them.
Here is the Moby Dick tank in all ist glory, you can also see how the pipe continues on the fender.
I also made a new intake for this bike. This is an "bolt on" to the s&s intake still have a lot of polishing to do on it.

FL -57

Parts back from powder coating, this came out wery nice. I´m trying to get this bike to look old like the factory would have made the bike in the 50´s or 60´s well you get my point i hope.
I like this. Send me a mail if you want or need something for your bike done.

American sportbike

Ok, had this one out for a spin today +3C and a meter of snow but the bike worked like a dream.