Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Esmeralda

 So to save some weight on the bike this is what I came up with. I had a 3,5 gallon tank that I cut up to make an oil tank and a gas tank for the bike. Started working on it, not finnished yet so keep looking back. 
 When I build stuff I always want to make it the best I can and as bulletproof as possible without making it to heavy. Here the oilline return is welded to the bung that goes inside the tank. No big parts....
I want to build my oiltanks so that you can see the return oil coming to the tank. Here is a pic of how the oil return and went lines are routed inside the tank. I will post pics of how the rest of the tank is built and how the gas lines are drawn between the tanks.  

My bike Esmeralda

This is the look im going for with my bike, I want to chop al the extra off that I can so things in the bin so far: the big battery, starter, inne and outer primary covers, oiltank, front fender, half of the rear fender, the cowhead front lamp fixture and some other small parts I cant remember now.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pipe zen for Esmeralda.

 OK, I start with a set of U bends. I have these for sale, different sizes available. If interested e-mail me: 
 These ae the tools I use when working with pipes.
 For a staright cut I use a piece of cardbord like this, then just trace with a marker. Then cut following the line, easy or what?
 I usualy start on the front cylinder.
 This depends on the design of the pipes, on my bike it just performance that rules.
 When you have front and rear cylinderpipes this far its time to start on the colector.
 Here is much magic in this colector, these are not easy to make.
Here the pipe is ready, time to make the brackets and muffler. Will post pics on that one soon.


 I made a tool for pulling out the valve guide and pressing it back in.
Here in action.

Esmeraldas Clutch......

 Here im working with the mill on Esmeraldas clutch its a Primo made and Scorpion uppgrade, just cutting off the starter ring......... 
 And some more......
 Finnished with the milling got it about a 1kg lighter.....
You need some tools when doing this work.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Bike "Esmeralda"

 My baby got a new heart, S&S Early Shovel. Put the two best things S&S ever made Twin Throat aka The flamethrower and the early shovel engine. 
 I got Andrews godies in the transmission, No taiwan Ted Shit parts here. When you put shit fron taiwan in you bike shit happens. I will show you what happens.   
 1 3/4 inch open belt foot clutch and hand shifter.  
 Got a old MB oil cooler dont know anything about it, if you have any info please send me a mail on it: thanks.
 Have some moore to come here stay tuned.
Made a new bar for my bike, because needed to change the riding possition when i changed the seat.
More to come. I willl post as I promised how I make pipes when 
i build new ones for Esmeralda. 

Old English Lady

 Here is a Grand Lady 1952 500cc Royal Enfield Twin. This Lady has stayd fine for many years.
 But every Lady needs some tender hands and some work to stay that way.
 Been working the electric and cracked welds and tightening a milion nuts & bolts......
But she will be out on the road soon.

The Fishermans bike

 I finnished the rear fender and it going out for paint.
 This was a nice projekt for me because it is quite hard to get nice lines on a dyna.
 But I think this works, the fender is wery much reinforced with heavy steal. And the mount as hidden as much as possible.
Here is a pic of the seat i made.

Heat shealds

The heats shealds I made are fitted on Natos bike.
 He also wanted a bag for stuff so Steffi made it for him, got mounted so it easy to get off when stopping for the night.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Fishermans Bike

 The Fisherman wanted a new rear fender for his bike (and a seat, I made it already. Will post pics on that one later) It is quite hard to make a nice fender for a Dyna. On this bike I used a rear fender blank that I made and it fits like a glove.   
Not ready yet but looking nice . I want a clean look on this bike so i hide the brackets behind the rear shocks. More tricks to come.  Keep doing stuff home or at small one man shops. DONT SUPPORT TAIWAN TED!

Leather bag

 Hand made in Finland by my friend Steffi.
No shit from Pakistan or Taiwan. These are made for life.

Metall work how to

 Here start making the outlines of the shape you want. You should also make some help lines to the plate. Then cut out the plate with a grinder or what you have.
 You can se the center lines on the plates this will help you when you put these parts together. I use a rod that I bend to get the right shape on cutout on the top plate.
 The plate is bent ower a small pipe and my knee. No Pro tools here needed.
 Then tak in place. Remember the centerlines, now they come handy.
 To prevent warping of the metall start in the middle then go outwards when welding. I use a TIG when I weld these parts easy and not so much grinding after welding.
 When it comes to tricky parts like the sides of this piece I use cardboard to make a template. 
 I realy should take more pics but here the side is ready welded.
This is ready to be fitted on the fender. But it is a different story.

Stainless Sissy

 Here I start with a 16mm stailess steel rod about 1m long, I make the first top bend so I get the sissys shape uniform on both sides.  
 I use oxy asetylen gas for this work.
 The sissy is getting some shape......
 My friend has his chick on alot so she needed something to hold on to. The sissy is also welded just to stay in place before it comes off for complete welding.
 Some acid and polishing, ready for the road.
 Nothing you get from taiwan ted is it?

Nice, I like it. And so does my friend.