Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PanShovel 103"

GELLNER Stampt on the flywheele, if somebody knows anything about this please send me some information I would be grateful.
Billet parts in the right place, these are stamped STROKTEK, been trying to find any info on the net no sucsess.I got this engine used and the old owner didnt know anything about it, it was built in the USA. We had it running in the summer when I bought the bike. The engine ran like a raped ape....... but all the gaskets were blown.... tore down for repairs

Here are the parts ready for assembly, they are soda blasted and cleand up. No metal work for a few days. A lot of godies in this engine...... Hope to kick some TwinCams with this one.

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Project

The bike will be kick only so the primary cover needs to be chopt...... didnt fit anyway..
Otherwise the bike is ready for paint

I will post more pics when I get the bike from the painter.

New Project

I also made the oilbag and battery tray ready.

New Project

Got the dash ready today.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The shop

Here is a pic of the shop

New Project

Didnt like the the original dash so I have been working on something that works betterNot ready yet but geting there

New Project

Here is some detail pics of frame work, you can also se the battery tray in the oil tanl.

Frame work

The seat is made from an old tracktor seat that i found somewhere... not ewerything needs to be billet shit from taiwan.......

New Project

Pic of the oiltank / battery tray, I am trying to make the bike look old..........

Here is some frame work.

I also made the chainguard new, the old didnt fit the bike at all.

New Project

Got the pipes ready.

New Project

I have been working on this bike fore some days now, worked on the frame and the sheetmetal.

I had all the parts sodablasted, I will newer use anything else. The engine is copletly rebuilt same the tranny, also coming is a new built clutch with SFCustom made parts. I will post soon pic of the clutch

Steffis bike

Ive been working on steffis bike making some improvements