Sunday, August 31, 2014

Shop whiskey

Frame work

Some shots when we put the parts on the frame for a fast mockup.


Robin B. made some great art on my bike this weekend. Been working on it o  and off now for a while but now its time to put it in high gear....

Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The ink masters frame

So the worst of the grinding is done but now starts the pain..... the fine grinding and polishing for chrome.....

Ink Masters frame

Now the front tubes socket. Again a lot of welding and grinding. And some detail welding...... a lot of grinding to look forward for.

Ink Masters frame

Today I continue on the bottom frame plate. Here you can se how I welded the extra plate on it. Now when I know how I want it to look when I'm finnished with it. Today I will only weld with my trusty mig welder so no tig today.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Shop

My office, beats the shit out of your office!

Frame jig

Here are some more details of the frame jig in action.

The ink masters frame

Here are some detail pics of the neck and some work in progress shots.

The ink masters frame

Here are some pics of the frame its still a work in progress.

Frame jig

Had to make some new parts for my frame jig. These are watercut and then grinded to be true. Much work but the frame is the most important part of the bike, so the is no shortcuts here.


We have also been out to shows with the Atom bike this summer, it has been a great time. Getting to know new people and getting new friends. Keep up chopping!


I have also been riding my bike this summer, made some changes to it. Will make some more this winter. Also some random pics from my trips.

Tank work

Here is a turtletop tank from a rare sportster that had some isues with corotion on sheet metal and fittings. To clear out the fittijgs I use a old clutch Cable for the work.

Back to the shop!

Hello, been busy with stuff so haven't been blogging. But Big Brother has started again so due to forces outside of my power I have much spare time to blogg again.... here is a head a fixed this summer. Had a flange broken of that I fixed.