Monday, April 30, 2012

Ducktail Fender

My frend has a Twinkkie that needed a new licensplate holder and rear light. Made this, this uses the original mounting holes and I didnt need to cut or drill the fender.

Steffis Bike, Pipe work

 I made some changes on Steffis pipes, new mufflers. They will be heatwrapped so just some grinding and a little paint before that.
Make your own pipes! Dont by taiwanese shit that wont fit you bike.
I will post soon how you can make your own pipes from scrats easy and dirt cheap.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rear fender

Here is a pic of the rear fenders I make, you can get these for 160, 180 and 200mm tyres.
More to come.... keep following.

Tractor seat

 Mounted the seat on my friends bike.
 He wanted the military look on it.....
And I think he got it, the seat will just get some paint no leather work this time.

The Painters bike

 Got the parts back from The Painter
 Here is the bike out in the spring sun, and looking good.
 Nice, and much is hand made NOT bought from Taiwan ted
The leather work on the seat was made by my friend at

Monday, April 9, 2012

Twikkie Dyna 180mm rear tyre mod.

 Today I helpt my friend to fit the fender on his bike, he changed the rear tyre on his dyna so here is what i did to make the rearfender fit the bike.
 I marked the centerline of the bike and cut the rear struts off.
 Fastforward to this, where the fender struts are ready welded in place with reinforcments. What I did was to bevel the thick steel because I could only weld it from one side. 
 Closeup from one side.
 From the top.
 Ok now for the rear fender, I used a part from a scrap fender to make it wider. 
 The fender is ready and test fitted on the bike.
 This is what we were looking for, you should not see the change on the frame when ready with this.
 Just add paint.....
Not a wide ass......

The Painters bike.

 The painter wanted something different for the air cleaner top. I had an old tank that I have cut already. So I used the side from it and made a aircleaner top out of it.
 Here it is.
I also made it quite wide to hide the carb an other stuff. Looks good and hand made not some bought part from taiwan ted. 

Tractor seat

In the middle is the original tractorseatpan that I use for starting point when making different seats. On the sides are ready made seats.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rear fender for 200 180 & 160 tyres

 Here are rear fenders that I make. These are built for 200, 180 & 160mm tyres. These are made from 1,25mm steel sheats. And 100% made in Finland no Taiwan Ted parts.

I will be on the Walkka Swap with these. Price 190€ each 
you can contact me by e-mail: 


Top engine mount for the frame.

More tractor seats

 Here I start again on new seat, here the paint has been stript from the seat.
 These lines helps me when im beating the seat to shape, on this pic the middle of the seat has been changed already.
 Some stretching on the front of the seat.
 When you work with beating metal like these seats I make, you need to anneal the beated places for easy shaping. 
 I usually weld the sides, one side is in place and the other side is waiting in the table.
Here the sadle is ready for the holes to be drilled. Two different styles from one seat.


Bad dents on the transmission plate, needed some milling work.