Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tractor seat

 Here I start on a old tractor seat with some lines to help me get the final shape.
 I cut out the middle section in the seat because it looks bad. Then I start stretching the front of the seatpan.
 Welded the new plate in place while i formed the seat pan to fit it better and also to get a better shape for the ass. The seats that I make are built for loong riding trips. You can se an uncut seatpan on the side. 
 The shape is comming together
Here the seatpan is ready for mouting on the bike, will post pics of that.

More tools

 Here I made some tools to pull out and push in the Timken bearings on this swing arm for a dyna.
 Here you can se how the parts are when pulling out the bearing cup/race.
Pulling in the new bearing cup/race


Here is a tool I made to change the springs on different shocks. Works great and does the jobb without scratching the chrome on the shock.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 Here is an old reardrum from my friends Ariel, this is from the 1920;s something been out for a loooooong time wery bad corrosion on this one. I needed to weld up the inside of the drum.  
 Here the inside is welded and ready lathed. I need to keep some secrets how the welding is done.
Puting the old back on the streets.


 Here is a front engine sprocket I made for my friend and his old Ariel
You dont get any Taiwan Ted parts for these bikes....... My friend competes with these old bikes I will post some pics from his garage.

SFC Parts

Here is a 3/4" rear axle weld kit that I make. If interested my mail:

The Painters bike.

 Here is the seatpan, thinking how to make it because the rearfender is mounted to the swingarm of the bike and the gap between the seat and fender will be quite big.
 The seat also has to be comfy for the rider, and good looking.
 This is what I made, parts from a leftower fender, 2mm and 1,5mm steel plate. 
Fits nice to the bike.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Pre -50 Ariel that I am going to make some frame work on, more to come. 

The Painters bike.

 My friend the painter askt me if I can make him a taillight, he had some ideas of it. Here is what I started from, a old pipe bend of an exhaust and a broken taiwan ted taillight.
 Made a sketch, to go from. Cut and opened the bend, made some weldind.
 Made a template out of cardboard.
 Then transferred it to a steel plate.Fits nice. Then weld it in place. 
 Some grinding with the angle grinder.
 He also wanted a spine on it, so more welding and grinding.
 OK time to make the fastening for the taillight. 2 pec of nuts welded to the inside bottom plate. 
 Here ar the tools I have used to make this taillight, tools you can find in any garage. If you build your bike you dont order parts from some post order book or do you? 
 Here the taillight is in place looks like something from outer space.... needs cutting.
 Cut at the line.
A small nice taillight ready for paint. 

The Painters bike.

 I always try to make four attachment pints to secure the gas tank to the frame and I always use rubber insulation to prevent ckracking. There is no shortcuts to happiness....
 Closeup of the bung under the tank.
 The front mount is made out of hevy steel, and used the old mounting place. No extra holes drilled in the frame.
The rear mount of the gas tank. This is welded on both sides of the tank. I will make a other bolt for this place, the devil is in the details.


 Made a tool to pull out the bushing from a Dyna swingarm.
Still need to make a tool for the bearing cups on the other side.

The Painters bike.

 Making some reinforcment for the rear fender.
 Some small welds to se how it all fits together.
 After a lot of fitting and testing, wery much welding much grinding the rear fender starts to look like something. 
 Made a small strut for the rear fender, the fender is attached in six places in the svingarm. The seat is going to be a bitch to make......
Closeup of the fenderstrut.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The shop

Got my sunnen hone home, more to come keep following the blog.

The Painters bike.

Here I started making the rear fender for the bike, still much to do but getting there... 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Small parts....

 Needed to lathe a spacer ring to fit a projekt...
Made a special tool for old cadillac spokes.

The Painters bike.

 Time for the tunnel. Making it quite wide so I can fit the electric there. The tank is also lowered quite much.
 The welding is done on the tunnel. Now for the presure/leak test.
 Another view of the tunnel.
Looks good now, I just need to mount it to the bike.