Monday, February 27, 2012

The Painters bike.

 Making a new gastank and some other parst for The Painter. Here is a fast mokup of the tank for his approval. When we are content with the lines of the tank then the work starts.
 It is better to start with the top of the tank so you can beat out the small dents after welding.
I also removed the left side gas cap. More to come.

Shovelhead Frame work

 Here is a frame that I rebuilt for a EVO engine, the changes can be seen as the old parts of the frame is sandblasted to remove the old paint and dirt. On this pic the frame is not ready yet. I used finnish made cast parts for this project. 
From the other side.... not a wide ass bike. Sorry but I didn´t take any pics of the ready frame.... my bad.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

The shop

Frames waiting for work........
This beats your office any time.

Giving canser to a shovel.....

 Ok not my favorite engine from the HD family....... but work is work.
 Remove the unnecessary parts from your untouched classic......
 Stretch the front tubes, before you do that remove the old pipes and clean all the old welds on the neck. I use an long tube to help me center the neck when doing this part of the frame work.
 3" up and something forward
 Hardtailing the rear, no computer bending here...... 
 The frame is get there, much more to go.
 I need to stop shaking.
The frame came out superb, light and the lines are perfect.
Some small welds still to do but othervise this one is ready.

Roopes Bike

 Roope is building his bike its a Honda SL 125cc 1978.
This is my old bike I started building it when I was 15 years old newer finnised it.

Here is the engine, it has some work done to it. But I will tear it down with Roope and se if its in shape and give maybe some more love to it....


 Made a seat.
This one is made from an old tractor seat