Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Esmeralda, The twinkie killer.....

 I started work on my bike, I dont want to change the frame on this bike because I know this bikes history.
Metal fab..... do you know what here is made?


 The softail is centerd in the frame jig for chopping.....
 Tadaaa, just as in the TV-show. OK back to real life.... No fiction here.
I hardtailed this 1999 Softail for a friend who wanted to use as much of the original parts as possible.
Like driveline, brakes, oiltank and so on.
 I made an seat pan for him and instaled the rear fender from Paucho. Some small brackets for the oiltank and so on.
I also made brackets for the rear brake. This is going to be an nice fast riding bike.

A real death trap in the making

I were visiting my friend today, he showd me this 10" wide rim with an original spool, that has been modified with SMALLER bearings and no "centertube", IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, ASK SOME ONE THAT KNOWS. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

These newer end, more Softail frame work

This chopper is made the same way, just with some different specs from the ones I made previous.
I have coming up, a Softail that is hardtailed and a shovel that is Softailed. And my personal bike I am making a leafspring front end on it and changing the pipes on the frame to a special sort of alloy this I hope will lithen the frame 40-45% and still make it stronger then the original frame.  

More Softail frame work

 Where to cut and open welds.
 The frame is cut and centerd in the frame jig.
 My litle helper....... No need for inserts.
 The frame has been stretched and the welds are smoothed out.
 The frame needs to be heated and bent out when you stretch it.
 When I rake a neck on frames I always weld it completly through. The space is needed to fit welding rods and the TIG head. The amount of welding material is about 1,5kg for an neck and stretch jobb like this. 
 Starting to look like a frame again, here you can also follow the welding order.
 I rolled the pipe to get a small radius on it, looks better than a straight pipe.
 Here the frame mod is ready and leaving for my customer for first mokup.
And another chopper is born.

Softail frame work

 Here is a softail frame that I did for my friend, the frame was raked wery poorly. The cast part from the frame was desroed totaly by the person that raked the fram before me. So I only used the old "stem" pipe from the frame and made the res from pipes and SFS Fe 52 steel plates.
 My friend also wanted a bit of stretch to the frame, on this frame i made the stretch quite low to remowe all the fuckups that was made. 
 Here you can see how its coming together.
 The frame is ready and rock solid. Quite close to the original look.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 I made this for an customer that has been watching to much TV........

Frame Work 144"

 This frame was made to wide at the seat for any rider, so I made some changes to it. The frame was built in sweden for a S&S 144" engine.
Here the frame is chopped down to suit any driver. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hand made

This was a true mecanical masterpice, and the sound of this bike.....

Petrol Circus

Here are some pics from our stand at Petrol Circus

The show was nice, lots of nice bikes and cars hope to se you next time.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I hardtailed the backend for this bike, made the pipes and other parts.
This bike is also on show at Petrol circus

Mike the mekanic

Mike the mekanic is ready, the bike will be on show at petrol circus this weekend.

Monday, September 19, 2011

S&S 96"

Here is a brand new engine S&S 96" looking for a new home.... With some extras...

Smurf engine

Here is the engine before it whent into the bike, looking good.

The Fat smurf

Ok, I had some fake knucklehead parts for EMO-engine in my shop that I wanted to use on
the fat smurf. Looks a bit better than with the originat EMO-parts. They are made by EXCOTIC, bit of oil spitters but not to bad.
Looks quite good doesnt it? The bike is for sale, and can be lookt at Petrol circus this weekend.

Mike the mekanic

Here is the bike before I opened the engine on it, its in my friends shop RIVERSIDE CYCLES in Porvoo Finland. The bike is ready fore paint, last mokup. We hope to get it ready for Petrol circus.

Mike the mekanic

This is what I found inside the engine, some funky shit or what?This is worse then glue...............

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mike the mekanic

Some detailing on the bakfender.

Made a set of handlebars I will make some more of these to sell at shows I´l be wisiting. More parts to come. Stay tuned.

Here is a mockup pic of the bike, the belt will be cut down to about 2" wide I will post pics of how its done.

Trying to make it a simple fun to ride bike.

Keep it simple stupid.