Monday, January 31, 2011


The tank upside down. I fabed the plate between the oil and gastank, behind it will be space for the electrical stuff. I will show how I made the tank so follow closely, more to come.
Close view of the inside plate, here is still a lot of work to come.

The inside of the tank. I dont have any metalforming machinery at my shop I just use pipes, my knee or what i find to shape the metall. Here you can see how the tank is made, I used the front of an new taiwan ted sportster tank the cheapest I could find at the local dealer. The round sides are made of bent tube and the straight sides and top are made of 1,5mm sheet metall.

The ouside shell of the tank ready for "inside" work. The length of the tank is 107cm its a big baastaard.....

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