Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 Ok, here the tank is ready and the pic is taken from beneath the tank so you can see the oil and gas lines.
 Here is another pic of the tank, I use a 20mm hose between the gas tanks i dont have a filler cap on this side just this hose and a big air hose to get the gas to this side when filling up on stops. There is nothing extra with the oil lines just your normal setup.
 The LOUD pipe is ready, and I like it. Just need to finnish the suport  for it. Othervise the bike is getting there just a lot of small parts to make............ This is my take on the chopper, light as possible good brakes a nice engine (I have a wilder one on the make....) with as much as the original parts as possible NO Taiwan Ted parts that every one can by of the shelf. 
Make or design your own parts! 
 The seat is also mounted on the bike no leather work on this one just spray bomb it.
Here you can se the hose between the tanks big and ugly but fits the part.

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