Monday, April 9, 2012

Twikkie Dyna 180mm rear tyre mod.

 Today I helpt my friend to fit the fender on his bike, he changed the rear tyre on his dyna so here is what i did to make the rearfender fit the bike.
 I marked the centerline of the bike and cut the rear struts off.
 Fastforward to this, where the fender struts are ready welded in place with reinforcments. What I did was to bevel the thick steel because I could only weld it from one side. 
 Closeup from one side.
 From the top.
 Ok now for the rear fender, I used a part from a scrap fender to make it wider. 
 The fender is ready and test fitted on the bike.
 This is what we were looking for, you should not see the change on the frame when ready with this.
 Just add paint.....
Not a wide ass......

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