Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Painters bike.

 My friend the painter askt me if I can make him a taillight, he had some ideas of it. Here is what I started from, a old pipe bend of an exhaust and a broken taiwan ted taillight.
 Made a sketch, to go from. Cut and opened the bend, made some weldind.
 Made a template out of cardboard.
 Then transferred it to a steel plate.Fits nice. Then weld it in place. 
 Some grinding with the angle grinder.
 He also wanted a spine on it, so more welding and grinding.
 OK time to make the fastening for the taillight. 2 pec of nuts welded to the inside bottom plate. 
 Here ar the tools I have used to make this taillight, tools you can find in any garage. If you build your bike you dont order parts from some post order book or do you? 
 Here the taillight is in place looks like something from outer space.... needs cutting.
 Cut at the line.
A small nice taillight ready for paint. 

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