Friday, November 11, 2011

More Softail frame work

 Where to cut and open welds.
 The frame is cut and centerd in the frame jig.
 My litle helper....... No need for inserts.
 The frame has been stretched and the welds are smoothed out.
 The frame needs to be heated and bent out when you stretch it.
 When I rake a neck on frames I always weld it completly through. The space is needed to fit welding rods and the TIG head. The amount of welding material is about 1,5kg for an neck and stretch jobb like this. 
 Starting to look like a frame again, here you can also follow the welding order.
 I rolled the pipe to get a small radius on it, looks better than a straight pipe.
 Here the frame mod is ready and leaving for my customer for first mokup.
And another chopper is born.

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